The Critics Are Unanimous about DonnieBob!

“Pure heresy.” – Christianity Today

“A revelation. (Whatever that means, we never could figure it out.)” – Hollywood Reporter

“A force of nature.” – Paleontology Today

“A beloved figure.” –Shape

“May be the missing link.” – Darwin Online

“Real enlightenment. No I mean like, really.” –YogiTimes

“Puts the nerve back in nirvana.” –Himalayan Monthly

“Puts the schiz back in schizo.” –Psychology Today

“Puts the pest back in pestilence.” –Pandemics Digest

“Give me a psychotic break. Please.” – Journal of Neuro Science

“Get out your Depends.”—Renal and Urology Nursing

“Better than an enema.” – Modern Colonics

“Never heard of him.” –Variety

“Who?” – Alzheimer’s Care Hourly